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Esper Creations is a digital agency that helps companies thrive by crafting engaging web and mobile experiences

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Esper Creations is a full service design, development and brand building firm. We are a group of thinkers, creators and innovators with a shared passion to succeed. Our team is unified by the drive to create engaging user experiences for consumers and our pride in producing extraordinary work.

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Meet Auston

Auston is a serial entrepreneur, but he first caught the bug with Esper. His innovations in code show in a website's functionality, but where Auston really excels is creating client relationships. He loves talking with people and making sure that the customer is always put first.

Auston uses his little amount of spare time to film mediocre GoPro Instagram films, take walks through the cornfields of Iowa, and correct people who spell his name wrong. He also hasn’t won a game of FIFA since 2008. Stick to web design, Papi.

Meet Peter

Peter is in charge of the vision of Esper Creations. He discovered his passion for design by doing simple Photoshop face swaps on some of his close friends in high school. This passion then evolved into what is today; Iowa City's premiere web design firm. He loves his work (which you can see here, here and here) and is always pursuing new ways of creating new and beautiful things.

Peter is also an aficionado of goodwill Hawaiians, loves his hamster, and will always have a good TED talk ready to cite.

Meet Alex

Alex is your stereotypical nerd. He can tell you the special ability of every League of Legends character, played Pokemon well into his adult life, and spent his younger years locked in his room instead of outside. But, all that time was not used in vain. While he was locked in his room he got wicked talented at coding, and now he calls it his lifestyle. Alex’s JavaScript, as the kids say, is on fleek.

When he’s not avoiding talk about politics like the plague or eating Easy Mac, he’s (you guessed it) locked in his room doing whatever it is that nerds do.

Meet Cory

Cory brings years of full-stack development to Esper. He has had first hand experience successfully working with companies small and large with their development needs. He is adept in html, css, java, and php. Cory is in final year's reach of a degree in business at the University of Northern Iowa.

Meet Jack

From a young age, Jack knew he had a love for words. After eating through the Harry Potter series about eight times, he brought together his love for words with his love for business. After a DECA International Championship in the Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan in high school, he joined the Esper team to make sure that client’s websites not only look good, but sound good too.

Jack runs on a good cup (or pot) of coffee, would take one big dog over three small ones, and talks about his home state too much (we get it, Minnesota is awesome).

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